Shannon Kittens

  • Name: Shannon Kittens
  • Age: 0 years, 5 months (approx)
  • Breed: DSH
  • Colour: Black/ white

Shannon kittens aged 5 months. Looking for a specific kind of home! A big ask coming up 😀

These gorgeous kittens were hissing,spitting bundles when they came into the shelter. With ongoing socialization they have come on a lot, no longer hissing or hiding, all four will engage in interactive play but this hasn’t happened overnight! The black kitten can’t resist ear tickles and accepts being picked up, a little purr machine. The others can all be stroked with varying degrees of acceptance.
We would normally be seeking outdoor homes for kittens who are semi feral, but these little ones deserve the opportunity to be house cats given the progress they’ve made. So, we are trying to find a home where the kittens decide which lifestyle they want. The black boy is likely to settle into family life, he does enjoy fuss and attention from volunteers he knows. We don’t want to home him separately as he’s bonded with the others. He may never be a lap cat but we think he would like the chance to be a family cat. The others will need to work out what they want to be, working rodent control outside cats or house cats enjoying all of the home comforts. Or a little of both!
So, they need a rural home like a small holding. With a family who are prepared to continue to work with them,gaining their confidence and happy for them to be indoor, family cats if they choose.
If necessary, we may split them into pairs,but because they are such a close little family it would be wonderful if they were homed together.
They have been neutered and vaccinated.

For more information please contact the shelter.

To make an appointment with the shelter to visit Shannon Kittens or enquire about adoption, please call us on 01743 872857.