• Name: Timmy
  • Age: 3 years, 0 months (approx)
  • Breed: DSH
  • Colour: W/B
  • This animal has been neutered.

Timmy aged 3

Now we have got to know this young man better,it’s become apparent that he prefers male company. Timmy can be intolerant with some of our female volunteers,but seems to be putty in the arms of the men!
Timmy may well be happier in a male only home and would need to be the only cat. He enjoys company, but likes attention on his terms,he can be picked up but he’s a little inconsistent about agreeing to it. Because Timmy has a strong character and isn’t afraid to let you know when’s he’s not happy, he’s not suitable to live with children. He could probably live very happily without the company of dogs.
So not at all fussy really!


To make an appointment with the shelter to visit Timmy or enquire about adoption, please call us on 01743 872857.