• Name: Desmond not at the shelter
  • Age: 4 years, months (approx)
  • Breed: DSH
  • Colour: Tabby
  • This animal has been neutered.

NOT AT THE SHELTER : Please contact Anji for more info, details at bottom of page.

Desmond is a 4-year-old neutered tabby who has had a difficult start in life. Unfortunately, his original owners didn’t understand cats, so he developed some issues with his behaviour. These are not irreversible, especially as Desmond is really a gentle and sweet-natured cat. Inappropriate rough play as a kitten, then inconsistent punishments as he developed into an adult, have left him confused and conflicted. He was never taught how to engage with his owners in appropriate play with toys, but instead was encouraged to attack hands and feet. This caused problems once Desmond had grown into an adult cat and he was punished for displaying the only behaviour he’d been taught. This escalated until the owners took him to a veterinary practice to be euthanised as they considered him too aggressive to remain as their pet. The veterinary staff persuaded the owners to sign him over to them as they saw a frightened and mishandled cat who showed no sign of aggressive behaviour towards themselves, but who was a cat simply in need of a stable environment where he would be treated with compassion and understanding.

Desmond is currently being fostered by one of the veterinary nurses from the practice and is already responding positively to her gentle and constructive care. He is learning to play with toys for the first time in his life. He initiates and enjoys head rubs and looks for cues from the person he is with. He is happy to interact with strangers so long as they are quiet and allow him to approach them.

Desmond is a little overweight so will need his food intake carefully monitoring. He already enjoys playing with a puzzle feeder ball. His new-found confidence has brought him out of hiding so he is beginning to climb and exercise more. All this will help him achieve a gradual and healthy weight loss.

Desmond spends a lot of time gazing out of the windows in his room at his foster home and it’s felt that when he eventually finds his forever home he will benefit from a gradual introduction to the great outdoors. In his former home Desmond was mostly kept inside and only “put out” as a punishment. Naturally he was terrified and cried and scratched to be let back inside to where he felt relatively safe.

Desmond’s previous owners did report that he was aggressive towards other cats and dogs so maybe he would be happier as a single pet, although he hasn’t shown any aggressive behaviour towards his fosterer’s own cats when he’s sensed them on the other side of his door. Any introduction to another pet would have to be made very gradually and sensitively.

For further information about Desmond and to discuss the possibility of meeting him with a view to giving him the loving and understanding home he needs and deserves, please contact Anji Smith on 07842 700530 or 01952 462787

To make an appointment with the shelter to visit Desmond not at the shelter or enquire about adoption, please call us on 01743 872857.