Minnie,Fudge & Pippa

This animal is currently reserved.

  • Name: Minnie,Fudge,Pippa
  • Age: years, months (approx)
  • Breed: DLH DSH
  • Colour: Black,tabby,Tortie/ w
  • This animal can be rehomed with children.

Minnie age 16, Fudge age 8 and Pippa age 8.


Update – Fudge has found her new home, Pippa and Minnie are now reserved.

We have got to know these girls much better since their admission. It’s now clear that they do not need to be homed together.
Fudge likes to be centre stage when it comes to fuss and attention and would quite enjoy her new family not having the distraction of other cats! But children would be ok.
Pippa is a sweet, shy girl who withdraws because she can’t get a look in with Fudge. Pippa would be happy as the only cat in a calm home.
Minnie just wants a quiet life, a calm home where she can ask for attention when she wants it would be ideal for her.

These beautiful cats are looking for a home.  They are friendly, but Pippa is shy when she first meets you. All three enjoy attention, Fudge will be first in line for a fuss. Pippa and Fudge are happy to be picked up, Minnie can be,but would prefer you not to!

They could live with older children.

For more information please contact the shelter.