Big PURR Project

Plan for Ultimate Rescue Relocation

Shropshire Cat Rescue was first established in 1990 and was registered as an animal charity in 1998. Based at Lyth Hill on a 2.5 acre site, the charity comprises a rescue shelter, nursery facility, a retirement village for old cats, a staff training room, a Meet and Greet room and can support approximately 100 cats at a time. It is supported by around 90 unpaid volunteers, and funded by income from its shop in Shrewsbury, various fund-raising activities, sponsorship, donations and legacies.

Shropshire Cat Rescue provides practical animal welfare/rescue support on a call-out basis to a range of agencies (including Police, Social Services, housing organisations, other charities, and health and support workers). It ensures that stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens are rescued, fed, given medical support (plus neutering and vaccinations) if necessary, and re-homed wherever possible.

Equally important is its role to promote the well-being of the human community in the county. Shropshire Cat Rescue has developed a structured work experience programme, provides Duke of Edinburgh placements, hosts visits for schoolchildren of all ages, makes visits to local care homes (volunteers and cats), and provides a range of opportunities whereby adults can build up their confidence, learning and/or self-esteem by working with the cats. A key aspect of this work is to educate people in the requirements of responsible pet ownership.

The charity now wishes to expand its rescue capacity and further promote the work it does in the community to ensure that Shropshire Cat Rescue becomes, and is recognised as, a permanent fixture within the county.

Our Vision

A community where animals and people work together through education, arts, tourism and leisure, health and well-being and volunteering, improving the quality of life for both people and animals and highlighting the benefits that working together brings.

Foreword by our Patron

“I am very touched to have been invited to become a Patron of Shropshire Cat Rescue’s Big PURR project.

It is a very exciting and, obviously, much-needed development of the wonderful work already being done by Shropshire Cat Rescue.

I know, too, that it it not only cats who are the fortunate ones – sheep, ponies and other species of animals are also taken in and cared for.

What I also admire about the project is the inclusive educational aspect. It is only through greater understanding of the animals, with their individual needs and feelings, that we can all – hopefully – treat them with compassion and respect. I look forward to learning more about this marvellous venture and wish it all the support it deserves.”

Virginia McKenna OBE