The Community

The Shropshire community is at the heart of our vision. We will involve and include the community in the centre as much as possible. For example, we will:

  • Provide volunteering opportunities
  • Involve colleges and universities in projects
  • Offer craft workshops to learn skills and provide income for the charity
  • Offer educational workshops to promote responsible pet ownership
  • Continue to take our friendly resident cats into care homes to meet residents, and work in partnership with local organisations to develop a Cat Buddy scheme where volunteers and cats may regularly visit older people in their own homes
  • Host open days, fairs and fêtes throughout the year, and seasonal events such as Black Cats and Pumpkins week at Hallowe’en, Tree of Light and Winter Wonderland
  • Build a large “American style” barn and hire it out for local events such as dances, concerts, indoor fundraising events and country weddings