The policy of Shropshire Cat Rescue is to give shelter and veterinary aid to stray and homeless cats when manpower and finances permit, and then to find them new, safe and caring homes.

From time to time cats come into our care who cannot be re-homed due to long term illness or injury. In these circumstances, it is felt that such cats are better kept in the care of their fosterers or at our shelter in our shelter where we can ensure that they will receive every attention that they deserve.

Shropshire Cat Rescue currently has four sponsor cats needing special life long care from ourselves.

If you would like to sponsor one of these cats with special needs for a minimum of twelve months, please select the cat or group that you would like to sponsor and complete our sponsorship form. In return you will receive a certificate and a history sheet. You will also receive an update on your sponsored cat’s developments near the end of your sponsorship, when you will be asked if you would like to continue sponsoring your cat or group of cats.

Other sponsorship opportunities includes sponsoring our rescue rabbits, or different areas such as our nursery, our retirement village or our shelter.

Our sponsorship schemes make a wonderful, unique gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries etc. We can send a gift pack, which includes a card, directly to the recipient.

Out vet bills are huge and your sponsorship makes a huge difference, reducing the pressure put upon us to assist as many cats needing our help as possible. Thank you.