Lifesaver Awards

Shropshire Cat Rescue is proud to launch the Lifesaver Awards scheme which encourages children and adults to collect loose change in one of our cardboard collection boxes which can be exchanged, when full, for a certificate and badge. The money collected will enable the charity to help save the lives of cats and kittens all over Shropshire and will become a valuable contribution towards our charity’s funds.

There are currently six different badges to collect, all unique and designed and made by one of our volunteers. There are plans to design more as popularity grows.

In addition, badges can be displayed on our specially designed “badge swag” which is currently available to purchase for £3.50 from our shelter. The “badge swag” can be clipped to school bags or backpacks and is an ideal way to display a collection which can be removed and transferred to an alternative bag quickly and easily. The “badge swag” can also be hung on a wall if preferred.

Lifesaver packs are available for collection only; collect yours from our shelter, our shop, or at events where Shropshire Cat Rescue are present.