Shropshire Cat Rescue to feature on brand new Shrewsbury Monopoly

Shropshire Cat Rescue is pleased to announce that it is the first charity to be announced as featuring on the new local edition of Monopoly. Shropshire Cat Rescue will get to star on a Community Chest space when the game is unveiled in November.

The Shrewsbury Monopoly edition will feature more than 30 of the town’s landmarks which will replace the famous London Monopoly streets like Mayfair and Park Lane. Some of the cards will be themed too. Amongst the tokens is one of a cat.

Margaret Lloyd, Trustee of the charity, said about the news:

At the Shelter on Friday morning 12th July, whilst having a coffee break with my fellow volunteers, and browsing through my phone, I received an email advising that Shropshire Cat Rescue were getting to star on the Community Chest space all of their own. I just could not believe it. I showed the email to my fellow Trustee and Shift Leader, Dianne Beaumont, (who has also been involved with this). We just stared at each other in wonderment. We had been sworn to secrecy by the PR people involved and could not tell anyone else and we still had to keep it a secret until the press release on 17th July.

Now that the ‘Cat is out of the Bag’ it’s such a relief that we can both talk all about it. Words cannot express how we both feel now that it is out in the open and we can shout it from the treetops. Dianne and I cannot thank people who voted for us enough, it is so rewarding.

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